Thursday, February 11, 2010

2-11-09 Lake City's A Shroud

In the two and a half years we lived in the quaint burg of Lake City, it became clear to us that we were in a mini-convergence zone in the city of Seattle. Whenever there was snow in the region, our neighborhood seemed to bear the worst of it. We'd consistently get a couple more inches than Capitol Hill (which is about five miles from us), and the snow wouldn't melt until days after it had melted everywhere else.

Additionally, we lived on a steep street that often be closed during these snowfalls. We got to count the cars that would attempt to drive up the street, spin their wheels madly, and careen back down softly into the snowbanks.

This song was written during one of those periods. It's amazing how the snow could temporarily convert what was kind of a crappy neighborhood into a place of wonder and melancholy. hmm.

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