Friday, April 16, 2010

4-15-09 Mr. Destructo

About two years ago, I borrowed my friend Paul Gude's video camera. He lent it to me with a caveat - I had to record an album of his songs. He made it very low-pressure as far as the end result of the songs. "You can just beat on a bucket if you like" was an exact quote by Paul of the liberties I could take in the endeavor. He sent me lyrics and sound files to about 12 different songs.

By the end of 2008, I'd completed exactly one song. Every time I saw him, he was all, like, "Hey, how's my album coming?" And I'd be all, like, "Mumble mumble yeah I'm... uh..."

At some point, I decided that the Song a Day project was the perfect opportunity to complete the album. So during the course of the year, I revisited all of the lyrics and wrote new music for them. So Mr. Destructo is the first in a series of collaborations in order to fulfill my contractual obligation. It was great writing songs for these lyrics - Paul is a mad genius. Check out his stuff here.

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