Thursday, May 13, 2010

5-13-09 Your First Memory

It's hard for me to pin down what my earliest memory is. A few that come to mind:

1. chipping the ends of the keys off of my parents' piano with a hammer
2. sitting in front of the massive space heater in my sisters' room
3. being sneak attacked by a neighborhood dog, and my grandpa defending me.
4. my mom singing 'Going Bye Bye On a Choo Choo'.

anyone else have a specific earliest memory?



  1. Very sweet song, dude. My first memories formed in Seoul. Here's a few:
    -Conversing with buildings
    -Hanging with my mom and aunts at the local spa
    -Getting 86'd from my uncle's wedding
    -Dancing in the backseat to "Dancing Queen" (though my mom says I was freaking to Wing's "Silly Love Songs" first)

  2. Remember the times your sisters said "Slam the door!" and you did????

  3. hmmm, no. I seem to have blocked out that memory.