Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7-14-09 Diesel

Considering BP and all, this one's kind of timely.

Last year, "Awesome" performed at an event hosted by uber-talented art geniuses Sutton Beres Culler. It was meant to be a "West" workshop. It ended up being kind of a mess, but a fun one. The event was at a decommissioned gas station in Georgetown. The SBC boys have plans to turn it into a greenspace/artspace. It's an amazing project.

Right now, it's still the shell of a building. Their conversion plans have been stopped because it was discovered from underground testing that there is diesel sludge under the building. They may have uncovered a Superfund site! EPA testing commences this summer, and we'll see if it gets turned into a useful greenspace or not.

So this song was written to commemorate the event. I really like the weird harmonies.

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