Friday, January 8, 2010

1-8-09 Keep To The Sidewalk

Ah, the banjo.

The banjo that I have is part of a collection of instruments in my care that belong to other people. Over the years, people have come to me with various instruments that they can't use because it hurts their hands to much to play anymore, they're spending more time working on their photography careers and don't have the time, or because they're going away to circus college (all true, by the way). This banjo is not a very good one, which works out fine, as I am not a very good banjo player (although I got a lot of use from it on a play that I was part of at the Intiman Theatre last fall).

This song was written at the same time that there was massive flooding in Centralia, so that's where the flash flood lyric comes from. link!

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