Sunday, January 3, 2010

well. hello.

For 2009, I made a New Year's Resolution: to write and record a song every day for a year. 365 days later, and I have 365 pieces of... music. I wouldn't necessarily call them all 'songs'. Some of them are more or less fleshed out, perhaps even 'complete'. Some are pieces of ideas that were never finished. Some of them turned out pretty good. A lot of them were crap. Most have lyrics. All of them were recorded on my iBook in Garage Band.

The point was not to try to make something perfect every day, but just to make something every day. I considered making a blog like this last year, but I felt like I was too close to the process to want to share it every day. A huge part of the challenge was to let go of instantly judging whether an idea was 'good' or not, and blogging it every day would not have helped that process for me. However, a lot of pieces did see the light of day in various projects that I undertook in the course of the year. It seems like a year later is enough time to just let it all hang out to dry.

What's nice for me is that every piece provides a little snapshot of every day in a year of my life. Some days are flowing with creativity, others are stifled; some are marked by the minutiae of my day, others by a desire to escape from it.

So, here goes. Thanks for listening.

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